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Grateful for the Opportunity

Grateful for the Opportunity.
Grateful for the Opportunity.

Politicians have let us down, but this is a campaign of hope, not anger. 

Together we can: 

  • Return to limited, Constitutional government.
  • Ensure the sanctity of our elections.
  • Cut out of control federal spending to reduce inflation.
  • Rid our classrooms of anti-American ideology.
  • Reinstate order and the Rule of Law on our borders.
  • Honor and care for our Veterans.
  • Defend the Second Amendment.
  • Take on Big Tech’s monopolies and censorship.
  • Secure America’s energy independence.
  • Restore American credibility abroad.
  • Respect our law enforcement and border patrol agents.


AND WE WILL replace the politics of entitlement with REAL accountability. 

America needs recovery and healing. I have experienced the miracle of both. 

Reflections on Nation-building

Remember the turbines we provided security for on our fateful mission? They didn’t fit. Troops from at least three nations were killed and wounded on a mission that was destined to fail before it even started. The turbines sat in the desert rusting away for years — a sad reminder of the failed attempts to nation-build. As I watched the chaotic withdrawal from Afghanistan this past summer, I worried about my fellow veterans and all who wear our nation’s uniforms. Many of us have lost trust and faith in our elected officials and leaders at the Pentagon. As young officers, they were our role models; but for many, they now represent lies and betrayal. Still, most of us remain proud of our service. We were dedicated to a mission, providing security and hope to people living in desperate and terrible situations. It was our duty and we did it to the best of our ability.
Duty First.

Join our grassroots campaign to demand accountability from a political class that has failed to serve the people and our Constitution. This is your chance to take a stand.

Duty to our country inspired me to pledge my life to service. After graduating from the United States Military Academy at West Point, I served in the United States Army as an Infantry Officer, deploying for one combat tour to Afghanistan.

Nevadans have been so supportive. I have received hundreds of letters from you. Reading them is one of the true joys of this whole campaign experience. I am grateful for every one of them. Your prayers especially.

Thank you.